Teaser from my upcoming solo album!!!Elio Amberg
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Musically, Elio Amberg is currently researching mainly rhythmic constructs, extended saxophone playing techniques, the structuring of atonal melodies and the area between electronic and acoustic music.


Elio Amberg is part of the newly founded collective Club Dänemark, which tries to open spaces for interdisciplinary and experimental events. He currently plays in various bands and constellations; For the Elio Amberg Quartet (Hemingway/Pfammatter/Jeger/Amberg) he is active as a leader and composer. The trio iety and the quartet Schööf have existed as a working band for several years. He also works continuously on improvised music with following bands: Termiten (Käser / Schlegel / Meier / Amberg), the duo Amberg / Baumann, the duo Schmid / Amberg, the trio Miesling (Zemp / Amberg / Fries), We are old ?! (Amereller / Amberg / Ruegg) and the trio Hanes / Meier / Amberg.