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Tom Malmendier drums
Elio Amberg sax & electronics
Emilie Skrijelj 
accordion & turntable


"ENDLESSLY CREATIVE THIS YOUBITCOLD" (Ben Tafijn) In short, 'Youbitcold' is a lot of noise. Music that the average listener has his doubts about. Opener 'Jammed' causes this person to raise his eyebrows: “What is this supposed to mean? This is not music”. No, noise and then immediately of the heavy kind. Whether just about all the machines in this factory went crazy at the same time, now you know. And yet there is structure in it, to discover for those who can muster the courage to listen further. You can even call it rhythmic what happens here, the rhythm of the undercurrent. Otherwise, try 'Into the Sockel' first, also noise, gritty noise, but at a somewhat lower tempo. A compelling and exciting rhythm. And further on it does get rougher, but there are nice contributions from Malmendier and Amberg. And 'Pica Chirp' is especially for the enthusiasts, manic free-jazz, mixed with deafening noise, finally we hear Amberg here, who sharpens things up with his tenor sax. And then we get 'A Cute Whiz', in which we return to that factory hall and 'Teeming Voices', in which we ended up on a construction site. Endlessly creative this Youbitcold.

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